What You See Is What You Get

It seems like “upgrades” when building a home these days can buy you a dream car. With the design and level of finishes unmatched, we dare say that our number of inclusions are more than realistic- a high efficiency a/c is not an upgrade, summer is hot! Nor is a water softener and many other modern-day amenities, we can’t pretend to promise you “fine living” and then sell you the upgrade. Not only do we pride ourselves in our calibre of build quality, but also in the value we build – finding ways to achieve our homeowners’ desired outcomes within their budgets is our passion. We’ve demonstrated this with unmatched value all over our city and encourage you to compare the level of finishes, layouts and execution by seeing them firsthand.

Hidden Qualities

You won’t see the engineered joists or thick plywood under the floorboards, but it wouldn’t be long before OSB floors would start shifting. Just like you don’t notice the ductwork we worked hard to hide, or the drafts that could have been, was it not for the extremely tight envelope. You won’t be dealing with inconsistent water pressure because we’ve made sure there is a consistent supply diameter throughout your plumbing system. Needless to say, the homeowner is top-of-mind throughout the build and design process to ensure we’re providing you with the highest quality home possible- even behind the drywall.

Unmatched Finishes

Not only is our level of design unmatched, we urge potential clients to compare our level of finishes with any other builder locally. Years of sourcing experience and clever purchasing result in a level of finish unseen in homes of this price range. Compare wide engineered planks covering the entire main level and the quality of berber in the bedrooms, not to mention our trim and hardware selection. We’ve been known to include single lighting fixtures that retail as much as other builder’s entire “lighting allowance”… Not to mention high quality modern design plumbing fixtures.

European Tilt & Turn Windows

Our windows may cost almost twice as much as standard windows supplied by other builders, but they are in a class of their own. Built completely differently (German manufactured, steel-reinforced, multi-point lock frames, even the glass is thicker!) these windows are far more efficient and secure.

True Bespoke Service

Though our current developments are priced at as shown, we can arrange for a true custom build regardless of the build size. True bespoke service is working with our designer and architect to create your dream space from scratch – but also make it attainable!


It’s easy to spot a Millstone Home – the curb appeal is more like curb show-stopper. Not to mention the full stucco, stone and cedar facades – you won’t catch vinyl on these pretty faces… And always a quality concrete driveway.

Come take a tour and see for yourself!